Friday, April 28, 2006

Writing- Response
another day of working hard. but making progress. how do you balance fun and work? how do you know when to be a nice guy and when to be a hard ass? these are the questions that I wonder about. recurring themes that i ask myself about during the day.

again journaling works for me. I pick out the best from my Private Journal (I use LifeJournal) and put it in my blog. I don't want the whole world to read everything about me. But I do want part of me to public and other areas to be kept private. without that distinction, i think we all go mad.

I see evidence everyday of people who have lost their moral compass. who seem so desparate for something--money, recognition, power, control--that they lose their way. (I'm assuming that people indeed had a way to lose.) Big assumption I think sometimes....

Friday, March 24, 2006

blogging is good. but keeping a journal on my local drive is even better for me. Just found a very cool site: and want to share it. I've been a journal writer for years and years...and years. I like to learn from my life experiences. Keeping a journal separates the music from the noise. Keeps me thinking, observing, sharp, and perceptive. Especially if I know that I'm going to be writing.

Journal software at its absolute finest. And it this journal software is made for people who use the program for different reasons. There is LifeJournal for Writers, LifeJournal for Educators, LifeJournal for Staying Sober, and Christian LifeJournal. And of, course there is journal software for everyone: LifeJournal. Plain and simple and elegant and easy.

Included are journal writing tips. Journal writing tips!! I like that you are journaling and also learning about journaling, all in the same place. How ultimately cool. Also--you can write without the software interfering. I really like that. Some of those other journal software products slow you down--get in the way of thinking.

LifeJournal helps you see your life patterns. It is a SMART journal! Interactive, innovative, and keeps me wanting to come back from more.

Today was a really productive day: got some journaling in, moved forward on some printing issues, finished my taxes (YAY!!) and getting started on the next phase of chapter 3. Onward!